Your CEX Aggregator
Your CEX Aggregator
without KYC, registration, connection to wallet and own custody on Telegram.
Connection to wallet
Enjoy fast and secure trades with our cutting-edge cross-chain swap technology.
What is ?
Bypass is a bot that allows to use binance directly, without login
With our global liquidity technology, we developed a Telegram bot that allows you to make transactions with pairs available on different exchanges with a focus on anonymity.

You will be able to compare prices on different exchanges and make cross-chain trades across all leading exchanges via Telegram.
We're building a one-stop platform where users can aggregate and access trading opportunities across multiple centralized exchanges. This simplifies the trading process and allows users to make informed decisions with real-time data from various sources.

available on launch
No KYC Required
Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature is that BYPASS operates without any mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
Users can maintain their privacy and trade with complete anonymity eliminating the need for sharing personal information.
Global Liquidity
Thanks to our integration with top-tier centralized exchanges, BYPASS ensures access to global liquidity pools.
This means users can execute trades of virtually any size efficiently and without liquidity constraints.
Launch our bot with BINANCE integration.
Launch our token.
Establish a robust and secure trading infrastructure.
Introduce a variety of new token trading pairs.
Phase 1: Foundation
Continuous improvement of bot security and infrastructure.
Implement futures trade on the CEX.
Listing on recognized cryptocurrency analysis platforms.
Establish a feedback mechanism for continuous improvement.
Phase 3: Consolidation
Add new exchanges to our bot.
Develop and launch a user-friendly webapp platform.
Start our referral system to incentivize user growth.
Implement cheaper fees and better limits for token holders.
Phase 2: Expansion
Implement revenue sharing for token holders.
Get listed on renowned Centralized Exchanges (CEX).
Launch trade competitions with attractive rewards.
Expand global market presence and user base.
Phase 4: Domination
Used for project development
and marketing.
Tax distribution.
Total amount of tokens in circulation.
Token supply.
Safety assured.
Contract Verified.
Liquidity lock time
Both ways
Million tokens
Why should I use Bypass?
It's a premier privacy solution tailored for a wide array of crypto enthusiasts. While public blockchains inherently lack privacy, exposing all your transactions, our platform ensures your financial activities remain discreet. Whether you're settling a debt, donating, handling salaries, or trading, with us, your transactions remain private, safeguarding your financial details and habits.
How does Bypass
Our platform is a hub for multiple non-KYC crypto exchange services, celebrated for transactional confidentiality. We channel your deposits through various exchanges, breaking the transaction trail between sender and receiver. Importantly, we never access or handle user assets directly.
What are the fees?
Does Bypass comply with KYC and AML regulations?
Is BYPASS secure?
We pride ourselves on transparency. Our commission, roughly 1%, comes from the exchange as a referral bonus. All fees, including network, exchange, and conversion costs, are transparently included in the provided quote.
Absolutely! We prioritize your security. Our platform is designed to protect your assets. Always double-check addresses before transactions. If issues arise, our support team is ready to assist.
What if I mistakenly sent the wrong currency?
Our transactions follow a non-KYC approach. However, we employ automated systems to deter illicit activities. If any transaction seems suspicious, our exchange partners might request additional information as per their protocols.
Mistakes happen. If you've sent the wrong currency, contact our support. We'll work diligently to rectify the situation and ensure your funds are returned.
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